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Experienced attorney in a variety of criminal defense issues, including misdemeanors and felonies.

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If you have been charged with a DUI or other Criminal Offense, the consequences can be life-changing if improperly handled. Protect your future from the courts, judges, and prosecutors that work against you by hiring an experienced, personal Criminal Defense Attorney. We are happy to offer legal services across a wide variety of criminal defense, including misdemeanors and felonies in a variety of practice areas, including but not limited to: DUI & Vehicular Crimes, Sex Crimes, Fraud Crimes, White Collar Crimes, Assault/Violent Crimes, Drug Crimes, Crimes Against Property, Probation Violations, Forfeiture Cases, and Juvenile Cases.

We would argue a variety of defenses and objections to constitutional violations that apply in all criminal cases since our law firm fights conviction from all aspects. There are many different options available. One of those is a “violation of Miranda rights,” which we claim frequently. In Arizona, a “voluntariness” criterion governs the admissibility of any damning statement into evidence (i.e., a remark that tends to acknowledge guilt). We can suppress those comments and any evidence acquired as a direct result of those statements if we can show that the police bullied or manipulated you into making a confession or an incriminating statement, or that they failed to properly read you your Miranda Rights.

A further frequent defense that is asserted is the “denial of right to Counsel.” When a suspect is being questioned while in custody and wishes to talk to their lawyer, their request is denied. Other defenses can involve questioning the legality of any search warrants or pointing up any “forensic faults” in the case investigation. This can entail exposing faulty processes for DNA testing, fingerprint analysis, blood, breath, and urine tests, depending on what else you have been accused of.

Exposing shoddy or deceptive police reports, which can include anything from misstatements, fraudulent statements, problematic photo lineups, and faulty crime scene reconstruction, is one of the most popular defense strategies. It is crucial that you retain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who is familiar with all of your potential lines of defense.