Why Do-It-Yourself Is Too Risky When Dealing With Legal Issues

Youtube reinforced a phenomenon where people don’t believe they need the assistance of professionals. We are not part of what has been called Do-It-Yourself world. From time to time, I fall victim to this kind of thinking.

For instance, I needed to replace my rear tail light. I called a dealer and they quoted me a reasonable price. I watched a video on how to change the brake light on my car. I searched and found the exact model of my car and I was able to watch a professional remove the light. I took my phone out to my car and was able to follow his lead. He warned me that I need to be careful to not put to much pressure in any one place.

I tried the way he showed and nothing happened. So I did the exact opposite of what he said I placed more pressure in one place. I was careful and took precautions. By the time it was done, the light was replace, the light cover was cracked and there is a dent that is viewable from a few feet away.

That is not all, I also had a spouse who asked the inevitable question, “why didn’t you just have a professional handle it when you knew you might cause damage?”

The damage to my car ended up being more than the amount saved by doing it myself.

Many people end up in this same place with legal issues. Up front, attorney fees seem costly and the internet makes it seem like it is not that big of a deal. All of these other people made it through the process right?

There is a difference between making it through a situation and maximizing the time and energy spent. People who post on the internet do not always understand or update their posts with consequences that happen later. Additionally, different states have different rules even when dealing with the federal court system.

It is true that you may well be able to survive without an attorney. But having an attorney makes the process less stressful and more likely to lead to your desired outcome.